Setup Factory for Windows Installer

July 9, 2007 at 2:19 am | Posted in Deployment, Windows Installer, WiX | 2 Comments

Indigo Rose has released version 1.1.1004 of Setup Factory For Windows Installer.

Setup Factory is a deployment development tool that creates windows installer packages based on the WiX technology. It is similar to the WixAware product but provides more of a wizard type feel. It provides a simply interface but does not have an inbuilt XML editor like WixAware.

I briefly tested the previous version but it did not provide support for web site deployment projects and merge modules which I required for my applications. The new version does not provide IIS web site support. You still have to manually edit the WiX scripts to create web sites and virtual directories within IIS.

One of the great benefits of Setup Factory is that by default it creates WiX scripts as separate fragment files. For example, there is a WiX fragment for the UI dialogs, common parts, and a fragment for the files to be deployed. Having separate fragments provides easier maintenance of the scripts especially when editing in Notepad.

The major improvements for this version are:

  • Creation of Merge Modules
  • Supports WiX 3

For all the changes see the readme.


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  1. Hi Dave

    I’ve been working with Wix for a week now. Managed to convert over a set of Windows Service installers to Wix scripts and integrated with CruiseControl and NANT perfectly.

    But now trying to move a Web Application, and I’m stuck.

    The method that has worked so far for other projects is taking the MSI generated from the VS2003 solution and running DARK to generate the WIX script.

    But this doesn’t work for Web Applications. It puts in dialogs and custom actions for the web folder. But even thought the MSI builds, when you run it, when the progress screen comes up it reports that the installation failed. And seems to be a problem with the custom action WEBCA_GatherWebFolderProperties which calls the method GatherWebFolderProperties in DPCA.DLL.

    There are no decent guides explaining how to do this for Web Apps – so any help would be much appreciated.

    How do you currently code yours?

  2. Hi Dave, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, which was quite embarrasing actually.

    I had reordered the components and as a result, altered the directory structure sufficiently to cause the web service web site to fail to build.

    I restored the original ordering and directory structure and it works beautifully again.

    Sorry to bug you, but I have a new issue with my first ever WIX MSI.

    This was to install a Windows Service.

    It installs ok, no problems there – but when you uninstall, the entry in the Services table remains. I’ve tried both approachs of using ServiceInstall and InstallUtil (ManagedInstall), and whilst they both install well, neither cleanly uninstalls.

    Do you have any working examples you could share with me?


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