CA1304 – Must specify CultureInfo when using FaultReason

April 9, 2008 at 12:36 pm | Posted in Code Analysis, Visual Studio, WCF | 1 Comment

Today I came across the following issue when running Code Analysis over my WCF Error Shielding solution.


Because I have “Treat Warnings as Errors” enabled for all projects, Code Analysis fails.

Rory Primrose has recently blogged a very nice Error Handling solution which have implemented in a WCF service. As soon as I implemented the solution and specified to return a custom Fault Contract, WCF returned an exception indicating that the “FaultReason” was not provided. So I constructed a new FaultReason, and passed it in to the FaultException(Fault, FaultReason).

The FaultReason class contains a set of System.ServiceModel..::.FaultReasonText objects, each of which contains a description of the fault in a specific language.


public void ProvideFault(Exception error, MessageVersion version, ref Message fault)


// Return a ‘ServiceFault’ Fault Contract

ServiceFault faultDetail = new ServiceFault(“An error occured”);

// Construct FaultException with FaultContract and FaultReason

FaultException<ServiceFault> faultException =

new FaultException<ServiceFault>(faultDetail, new FaultReason(“FaultReasonText”));

messageFault = faultException.CreateMessageFault();

fault = Message.CreateMessage(version, messageFault, faultException.Action);


I compiled the code in Debug which was successful. I then switched on Code Analysis and it raised CA1304 : Microsoft.Globalization. The Code Analysis rule made sense to ensure I was using CultureInfo for the reason text.

However, the FaultReason does not provide any ‘public‘ constructor overrides to accept the CultureInfo. It does however provide an internal FaultReason(string text, CultureInfo cultureInfo) constructor.


After the help of Rory who confirmed with David Kean from the Code Analysis Team that this was a bug, I submitted feedback to Microsoft Connect.

You can keep track of this bug here:

In the meantime, I have suppressed this CA rule in my GlobalSupressions.cs for the project.

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